Footprints and COVID-19

By: Elle Chumlongluk

When I got accepted into Footprints, I was ecstatic. I had heard so much about this organization and never would I have thought that I would make it in. Everybody was so welcoming on social media and during my first meeting. People were willing to help me out and support me through my process of getting comfortable in the organization. Sadly, one month after I got into Footprints the COVID - 19 pandemic hit. However, the Footprints family remained strong and were able to do a bunch of interactive activities to keep us together. I loved our Among Us Socials and our interactive GBMS. I was able to meet my Big Foot this past semester and Andrea is amazing! During our first hangout, we went to Pascals and realized how small the world truly is. We have many similar friends and love doing many of the same activities. I cannot wait to go on more adventures with her. Footprints has done so much for me, and I cannot wait to continue in the organization and work to help the kids be kids.

Pictured: Elle Chumlongluk (left) and Andrea Tamayo (right)

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