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The Best Decision I Made!

By: Melanie Amador

About 1 year ago I made the decision to apply to Footprints not really thinking I would be accepted but reallllllyyyyy hoping that I would and surprisingly I was! My decision to apply to Footprints has been one of the best ones in my college career! Footprints is truly a family and has the most wholesome, friendly, and caring people on campus. I’ve never met so many people with such big hearts and such a desire to make the world a better place, starting with Shands. Every member genuinely loves this organization, its members, and the work we do on each unit. The joy and strength of everyone on each unit is palpable and makes me excited to do the events that we do and volunteer each week. Not only are our members excited to volunteer, but the hospital staff is always so grateful for our help and interactions with patients. Parents always express their gratitude towards us volunteers and say how much they appreciate us spending time with their child and giving them a bit of a break from time to time.

While being in Footprints, you constantly feel appreciated by the hospital and supported by your fellow members. Some of my best Footprints memories are the Spring 2022 volleyball games where we didn’t win a single game but definitely had the most fun which made other teams mad, had a Taylor Swift listening party to celebrate the new Midnights album, and playing a kickball tournament and somehow beating the women’s club soccer team. Footprints is truly a family like no other and I always find myself excited to go to a general meeting, go to my weekly shift, go to a craft social, or going to community outreach events.


Melanie Amador is a Junior majoring in Biology. She joined Footprints in Spring 2022.

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