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Pediatric Illness Forum

In 2019, the Footprints: Buddy & Support Program established the Annual Pediatric Illness Forum event dedicated to expanding the understanding of pediatric health in our community, as understood by the interdisciplinary perspectives that play a role in the illness experience.


By including the voices of Physicians, Nurses, Physician's Assistants, Researchers, Student Volunteers, Community Organizations, and Former Patients themselves, we seek to create a holistic understanding of the experiences that contribute to the lives of the pediatric patients who we volunteer with everyday.


We hope to further general awareness about and instill excitement for the work that healthcare providers in the hospital and various student and community organizations presently perform in order to make positive, effective change in the lives of pediatric patients.


As a community, this awareness and increased knowledge will prompt audience members to seek ways that they can get involved in supporting pediatric communities locally, in Gainesville, and beyond, into their careers.

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