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Meet our Committees

Footprints has three committees that play an important role in keeping Footprints fun and updated both inside and outside of the units! From making kits for the unit to organizing events such as our annual Pediatric Illness Forum, they are an essential part of our team.


Organizational Advancement

Our Organizational Advancement Committee helps Footprints grow our impact on the unit and as an organization! 

This includes...

  • Making newsletters throughout each semester 

  • Putting together decoration kits for the patients’ rooms​

  • Making technology guides and trainings for members

  • Working to get local restaurants to donate food or sponsor meals for employees and families on the unit


Crafts &


Our Crafts & Event Committee works closely with the Child Life Specialist to support the kids and bring festivities to the unit!

They help with...

  • Planning celebrations for End-of-Chemos, birthdays, and other celebrations

  • Setting up craft socials for the playroom decor

  • Decorating for major Holidays and seasons 

  • Planning out Special Event Days on the unit!


Diversity &


Our Diversity & Inclusion Committee helps lead events to help us become more aware and inclusive on and off the unit!

They do so by...

  • Hosting multiple workshops each semester for members and UF students 

  • Holding events to encourage discussion

  • Making educational material for members to reference such as translation guides

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