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Footprints Executive Board 2022-2023

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President: Maira Oliva

Maira is a fourth-year Biology major with a minor in Health Disparities on the pre-med track. Her dream job is to work as a doctor for a non-profit that assists in reducing healthcare gaps within underserved populations like people of color, immigrants or the LGBTQ+ population. She loves to play soccer, design clothes, and take film photos. Her favorite part of Footprints is channeling her inner child, with the help of some of her best friends, to brighten the days of kids on the unit!

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External Vice President: Ronak Kanodia

Ronak is a third-year at UF on the pre-med track majoring in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience. When he isn't studying, Ronak enjoys jamming on his guitar, writing stories, and spending time with his friends. One of the things that makes Footprints stand out the most to him is how it gives anyone the ability to leave an imprint of joy in the hearts that need it the most.

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Internal Vice President: Tushar Shenoy

Tushar is a fourth-year student majoring in Microbiology and minoring in Spanish. His favorite part of Footprints is the amazing interactions and time he gets to spend with kids of all different ages on the units. From playing Spades and Uno, to Lego Batman or Chutes and Ladders; every moment with the kids is a memorable experience. He considers the Footprints family to be of equal importance and has loved making so many friends in his time with the organization. Outside of Footprints, Tushar is active in his research lab studying human skeletal muscle biology, and is a volunteer with the Equal Access Clinic Network. He enjoys going to the gym, playing casual games of soccer, and trying to replicate the favorites of his mom’s recipes. He intends to apply to medical school in the near future. 

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Treasurer: Nishka Jakkidi

Nishka is a fourth-year Applied Physiology and Kinesiology major with a minor in Business Administration. She aspires to be a pediatric oncologist and make an impact in the healthcare field. Outside of Footprints she loves to dance and explore new food places around Gainesville! To Nishka, her favorite part of the Footprints family is having the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with fellow Footprints members as they come together to support the immunocompromised patients and their families.

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Vice Treasurer: Diana Feier

Diana is a third-year Biochemistry major on the pre-med track. She hopes to go to medical school and become a doctor. In her free time she likes to read books and hang out with her friends. She loves every single part of Footprints and being on the unit, but one of her favorites is when she has so much fun playing with a kiddo and sees them light up that she loses track of time!

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Secretary: Julia Reinhardt

Julia is a third-year at UF. She is majoring in both Psychology and Microbiology. She loves traveling, going to the beach, and spending time with friends and family. Footprints has given her the incredible opportunity to make an impact on the lives of not only the kids but also their parents. Just playing a game of Uno or simply having a conversation can brighten someone’s day. She truly has found a family in FP and is grateful to be a part of this amazing community.

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Community Outreach Coordinator: Veronika Offor

Veronika is a third-year Public Health major with a minor in Health Disparities. She plans to obtain her MPH and pursue a career that allows her to work locally and abroad, serving the pediatric population and eliminating barriers to quality healthcare for children and families. In her free time, she enjoys thrift shopping, cooking, and listening to all kinds of music. Not only has Footprints allowed her to make lasting memories with the incredible kids on the unit, but it has also given her a wonderful family here at UF! 

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Community Outreach Coordinator: Ahmad Mady

Ahmad is a third-year majoring in Microbiology & Cell Science on the pre-med track. He aspires to become either a pediatrician or a dermatologist one day. In his free time, he loves to read, play soccer, or watch Netflix. A fun fact about Ahmad is that he used to do karate and earned a black belt! His favorite part about Footprints is the family-like atmosphere within its membership and the huge passion and dedication that every member has towards brightening the kids' day on the unit.

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Public Relations Chair: Tuyen Tran

Tuyen is a third-year Health Science major and Public Health minor at UF on a pre-Physician Assistant track. Outside of her coursework, she enjoys cooking new recipes, reading while hammocking, and going to local coffee shops around Gainesville. Her favorite parts about Footprints are the magical kids on the unit, as well as all the friends she has made within the Footprints family!

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Public Relations Chair: Aspen Swart

Aspen is a third-year Biology major minoring in Health Disparities on the pre-med track. She hopes to attend medical school and become a doctor, her interests including dermatology and women’s health. In addition to volunteering on the unit, Aspen enjoys spending time with family and friends, running, and making pottery. Her favorite parts of Footprints are the unique experiences she has been able to have with the kiddos and their families, as well as the strong friendships she has made with other members in Footprints!

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Committee Chair: Rachel Nattis

Rachel is a third year Health Science major on the pre-med track who is minoring in Disabilities in Society. Rachel hopes to pursue a career as a pediatrician and ensure the health of our society’s future. Aside from volunteering with the kiddos on the unit, Rachel enjoys spending time with friends, working out, and traveling. She has a strong passion for working with children and volunteers as a literacy tutor for GiGi’s Playhouse and is an Assistant Director for DM at UF’s Family Relations Team. Her favorite part of Footprints is all of the laughs and smiles she has received from patients while volunteering on the unit and all of the amazing people she has gotten to meet along the way. 

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Merchandising Chair: Gabriella Berrio

Gabriella, who goes by Gabi, is an Art major on the pre-med track graduating in spring 2023. Her future goal is to attend NYU Medical School in order to become a dermatologist. Her favorite things to do besides volunteering with the kiddos are painting, going to the beach, and trying new foods. Furthermore, she has many good things to say about Footprints. One of its main goals is to create a welcoming family where everyone feels accepted and loved. She feels that this goal has been achieved because she has made some of her best friends through the organization. Besides the strong family atmosphere, she love playing with kids on the unit and listening to all of their amazing stories. 

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Child Life TV Chair: Molly O'Neill

Molly is a fourth-year General Psychology major and French and Health Disparities double minor. She is on the pre-med track with interests in pediatrics and oncology. She is a part time coach with Gator Junior Golf Association, teaching children to golf on the weekends. She is also involved in Dance Marathon and Phi Delta Epsilon pre-medical fraternity. She enjoys going to the gym, sunning at the pool, and chilling with friends. Her favorite parts of Footprints are meeting all the inspiring and dedicated members as well as the endless fun memories with the kiddos! She especially enjoys playing Uno with the children on the unit… even if she loses every round. 

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