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A Spring 2021 Footprints New Member Experience

By: Marissa Castronovo

The Call

It was mid-afternoon when I finally got the call that I got into Footprints. I remember all day I was so nervous and the anticipation of what to come was making my mind go crazy. When I answered the call and I heard Hannah’s voice say that I had gotten in, I immediately filled with joy and excitement. In that moment I truly felt so thankful to have been given the opportunity to do something so amazing and get to be a part of a group of such wonderful and inspiring people. During my interview, I recognized that the people in Footprints were so special and I was so happy to know that they also saw something special in me. I knew then that I was going to make some amazing memories and have some unforgeable experiences in Footprints!

I got a Big Foot!

Shortly after joining Footprints, I learned that I would soon be getting a Big Foot! When I joined, I had no idea that I would get a Big Foot and I was so excited about the prospect of having one! I excitedly made my Little Foot slides and attended a few socials with older members to try and find my potential big. The day finally came for the reveal, and I was so happy to meet my Big Foot Katie Schlenker (the best big)! From the moment I met her I knew that we were going to be great friends, as we had so much in common and had such similar personalities! We met up one day and went to Depot Park where we had a little picnic and were able to talk. Getting a Big Foot was such an unexpected surprise but one of the best imaginable! I cannot to make more memories with Katie and in Footprints.

Marissa got into Footprints in Spring 2021, She is a junior, and is a a Health Science major on the pre-med track.

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