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First Year Experience

By: Nicolette Carew

As a first year, I was eager to join clubs and create meaningful connections. I have always volunteered with children during my high school years and knew I wanted to find new opportunities with pediatrics in college. Scrolling on my Instagram Explore Page, I came across Footprints. Applications had opened for Fall 2022 and they were promoting it. I have never been more grateful to be procrastinating on my phone because I would have never been given the opportunity to be in my Footprints Family. Receiving back an email saying my application was approved and I could move on to an interview made me jump out of my desk seat to run and tell my mom. I went out with her that day to buy business casual clothes for my interview. Then going on to receiving an email saying I was officially a Little Foot made me feel excited and extremely optimistic about college.

I have gotten to reconnect with two people who I randomly sat with at a UF volleyball game who was sitting next to me at my first General Body Meeting and one of them became my Big. I have gotten to meet someone who is as close to my home friend as I am. I have gotten to reconnect with a friend I met on a cruise three years ago. Finally, I’ve gotten to meet so many new amazing, and fun people. As a first year, I have already created so many memories with my Footprints Family and the angels I get to see in the hospitals during my shift. I am so enthusiastic about the years to come and all of the great memories along with it.


Nicolette Carew is a Freshman majoring in Psychology. She joined Footprints in Fall 2022.

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