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Just Do It!

By: Elle Rader

As my freshman year is coming to an end, I can wholeheartedly say that applying to Footprints has been the best decision I've made. I was hesitant to apply at first, I had heard how competitive the application process was and how few people were chosen each cycle. Footprints was also my first time applying to anything with an interview and I was so nervous! I remember during my interview they asked “what's a movie title that describes your life”? I blurted out, “Clueless”! After that, I 100% thought I was going to be denied. Who says that they are clueless while interviewing for a prominent club? But, to my surprise, I received an email that would forever change my experience at UF.

I am a new member this spring and I can genuinely say that I have loved every second of it. Volunteering with these children has been a privilege and I am so grateful for Footprints allowing me to be a part of that experience. From making TikTok dances with the kids on the unit to cleaning a deck of Uno cards, I wouldn't change a single thing. At a school with 52,000 students, it's easy to feel lost, but the Footprints Family has made it feel like home. So, if you are reading this now and trying to decide whether you should apply, do it!


Elle Rader is a Freshman majoring in Food Science. She joined Footprints in the Spring 2022 semester and is on the pre-med track.

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