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My Family

By: Amanda Abdala

Going into my first semester at the University of Florida, I kept seeing an old classmate of mine posting about this club called “Footprints.” Footprints? Could that be a paleontology club? Maybe a club having to do with learning about your carbon footprint? Nope. Let me tell you the first impression I got with one click on the Instagram: Family. Footprints is a club where you become a family with people you have never met before. A club where you gain the closest friendships after seeing someone only once a week for 3 months. A club where you can express your feelings and you will not feel alone.

I got into Footprints my freshman year in Fall 2021. I was afraid because sure, as a biology major, I could fit in, but as a pre-dental student I was afraid I would be unable to relate to the rest of this family. Little did I know of the diversity within Footprints. I didn’t need to want to go to med school to fit in with the members of Footprints, I didn’t need to worry at all about fitting in because in Footprints there is no limit to who you need to be. I have met the best and kindest people in this family. To better describe it, the Footprints Family is the equivalence of putting on fuzzy socks on a cold winter day, grabbing your hot chocolate with marshmallows, and putting on a comedic Hallmark movie with a group of friends. The Footprints Family is like seeing snow on the beach, so beautiful and fun! I am soon going to complete my 1-year anniversary in Footprints and I am so thankful that I am able to be part of a family while helping the kids in our units gain wider smiles.


Amanda Abdala is a Sophomore majoring in Biology. She joined Footprints in Fall 2021.

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