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The Best Bigfoot Ever <3

By: Julia Henault

When I got accepted into Footprints, I was excited to experience the “Footprints family” that so many members have talked about. I joined Footprints Spring 2021, when COVID-19 rates were high, and it was hard to meet new people and make friends. I wondered how I would be able to get to know the other members. Signing up for a big foot, I was curious about what it would turn into. I’ve participated in big/little events in the past for other clubs and have always found that I would go to one event, and we would never really talk again.

Meeting Maddie was completely different. From my first time meeting her, she has made me feel so welcome and deeply appreciated. I remember we had a picnic at depot park, and I learned so much more about her personal experiences within the club and who she is as a person. Ever since then, she has been such an amazing example of how much love this organization holds. Throughout this past year, Maddie has never failed to message me good luck before a big exam or make sure my birthday was extra special. Because of her, I have explored new coffee shops, walked new nature trails, and have experienced many cherished moments. I’m so grateful for the friendship and mentorship that Maddie has offered, and I am so appreciative of the bright light she has been in my life and, even more so, in the lives of so many others in the Footprints family. I am so blessed to have a big foot like Maddie; she is yet another reason as to why this organization is so special. <3

Julia Henault joined Footprints Spring 2021. She is a 3rd year psychology major on the Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience track with hopes to attend medical school.

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