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This is Just the Beginning!

I learned about Footprints through a past member who briefly mentioned what Footprints was while we were at work together. After sparking my interest, I visited the website, applied, and was accepted as a new member during this Fall 2021 semester. Only a few weeks into the semester, it quickly became one of the most enjoyable college experiences I have had so far. Especially from the shift to events being back in person, each week from GroupMe messages to emails, there is always something going on with Footprints to get members engaged. I have been able to meet new members and have grown close with many just in the first few weeks. I also have been able to start seeing the kiddos on the unit and spending time with them is the highlight of my weeks.

One of the first socials I attended was Trivia Night at Satchels Pizza in Gainesville. I was slightly hesitant to attend since I had not met the members in Footprints, but I was so glad I went. I was able to be introduced to new and returning members and everyone was extremely welcoming. I also really enjoyed the New Members Retreat because it gave us an opportunity to meet others in person instead of being unaware of the new members. Finally, one of my favorite experiences so far has been playing volleyball for fun with members. After finding a few members who were interested in playing volleyball, like myself, I have had the most fun meeting up with all of them to play routinely.

I am so excited for what’s to come, as this is just the beginning!

By: Caroline Stephen

Caroline Stephen is a 3rd year Health Science major. She joined Footprints during the Fall of 2021.

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